Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Investanomics The Beginning

Investanomics was created to provide new investors and traders with insights into the market movements and help gain that consistent profitability many are looking for. I have been investing profitably in the markets for over 10 years and would like to bring those lessons to investors the same way I learned. My mentors help give me the foundation to get started in investing and I have learned many different strategies along the way that fit my style of investing. I believe no one strategy fits all and in fact that investing is a continous learning process.

When I first started trading in 2001, the markets were a much different place than today. My level 2 screen showed market makers, ECN's were a new thing, stocks traded in fractions and algo trading was up and coming. Today trading is anonymous, algo trading accounts for over 80% of volume in the markets, we trade in decimals and the speed of the movements are lightning fast with never before seen volatility. You have to be able to adapt to be able to survive in the markets. After all you are going against the biggest institutions in the business that have unlimited amounts of capital and everyone has the same objective, take each others money.

Follow me on this journey as I document my thoughts and plays on this blog. Learn more about my strategies and plays at investanomics.com

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