Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Apple 3D Technology

Apple just recently got approval for a new 3D technology that could take its devices to a whole new level. The new technology does not require glasses and could be viewed by multiple people at the same time. This of course is the challenge with current 3D technology. Apple's technology gives each viewer a different line of sight for both left and right eye. This perfects the stereoscopic image for a group of viewers watching one giant screen.

I could see Apple licensing out this technology to the movie theaters as well, this could bring a new revenue stream to the company.

This could be a huge advantage for Apple and could revolutionalize the direction of the industry. I could see this technology going into the next line up of devices and will most likely go into Apple TV sets as well. These new Apple TV sets are expected to launch in December 2012.

Keep an eye out for my article on Seeking Alpha that goes over the huge potential of Apple TV.

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