Thursday, August 11, 2011

Failure to hold a break on QQQ

The QQQ's has failed to hold on to highs after the break of the $53 area. This shows there is heavy selling pressure and it looks like the market could have a rough time recovering losses. I was looking for swing plays that could take advantage of a market bounce and couldn't find any good risk/reward trades. The market is just to volatile to take swing trades at this point so daytrades come in handy in staying nimble and bringing in profits. I posted a couple day trades on SODA and CREE earlier today that worked to perfect. This type of enviornment is where it pays to be an all around investor and trader taking advantage of the different waves of opportunity the market provides.

I believe if the market could break and hold above the $53.50 area in the QQQ's, we could see the market try to test the upper resistance near $56. Any failure and break below $50 in the QQQ's at this point is a very bearish sign which will bring alot of panicked sellers into the market since at this point. There are many stops sitting below the $50 area and a break of that area will change my bias to bearish.

I definitely have my shopping list out and looking for opportunities to take advantage of this move in my long term trades. This is a great time to watch those penny stocks and target those value plays.

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