Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AVP near 20ma target

Our AVP trade is doing well heading towards our 20ma target. If you used a tight stop under $21, you would have gotten dinked out on the failure to hold above the 8ma. If you used the $20 stop, which is the low of the pivot, you should still be in. AVP came close to breaking the low but it held in.

The 20ma should be a good first target but I think there is more room to run if it could break above it. I'm not gonna give AVP to much room because of the volatility in the market. I would take at least a third of the position off on a test of the 20ma and move the stop on the rest of the position to breakeven.

I will also move the current stop to 20.47 to tighten up the risk. I marked the stop loss area with a red arrow in the chart.

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